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Bel: (+071) 7440 165
You can contact us 7 days a week and free of charge. In a conversation we can discuss questions that you may encounter during your study time: motivation, family, relationships, procrastination, living together in student houses. You can also call if you are concerned about, for example, the war in Ukraine. We can be reached daily from 4-6 and from 20-22 hours, also on weekends! 

Who are we and what can we do

RAPENBURG100 is where you as a student can work on your personal development. This is possible through a range of mostly free activities, such as meeting meals, meditation, in-depth weekends and faith orientation. And courses, such as board training and 'Dealing with loss'. In addition, the workers are available for a confidential meeting.
RAPENBURG100 focuses on the well-being of all students, regardless of nationality, religion / philosophy or other backgrounds.
The workers at RAPENBURG100 have a philosophical background varying from Protestant, humanist to Catholic, work from those traditions, but only use it when they seem to be of added value in a meeting.   

Eating together is food for the spirit

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International Lunch

Monthly meeting meal on Thursday afternoon: the conviviality of eating together is the input for inspiration. Because if you are very busy, you can easily lose a relaxed attitude and creativity. For now we cook at home and get together online on Zoom. You can register by sending us a message send

Coping with loss

When you have lost a loved one, it affects everything in your life. It can be good to give this space under expert guidance and to take steps in groups to make grief and loss manageable in daily life. Make an appointment for an exploratory conversation and send a email


Green Kitchen

A fortnightly meeting meal on Sunday evening, eating from the prepared leftovers from the Saturday market. This concept has social-critical roots, based on conscious kitchen, but is aimed at meeting and being together. A nice mix of Dutch and international students. Connecting passions: People, food & the planet! Afterwards you can meditate in the meditation room. Sign up on the page of Green Kitchen Leiden

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