Since I became a Christian, I have been getting a lot of questions from people who seem to think Christians are some kind of aliens. And that you study / analyze from head to toe.
In the summer of 2011 I became a believer in Taizé. When I got home, this felt very strange to me and several thoughts were running through my mind: gosh, so I'm religious now… hmm… me? Yes! Should I call myself a Christian? Uh… Yeah, because I believe in Jesus and the Bible… Gosh… So I'm Christian. Strange! I thought about what I was going to tell my friends and parents. What would they think? Can I still go out and shop with my friends? I now have a cross around my neck. Is that dull?
How exciting that was to tell people that I have become a believer! In the beginning I was able to tell it very modestly: 'Taizé was really cool. I have come to believe in more than science there. ' If I heard that now, I would wonder what that vague statement is. I have gradually (fortunately) become a bit more concrete about this. Now when people ask, "Do you believe?" I answer loudly and as boldly as possible: 'Yes, I believe very much! Cool huh!'
After that it seems as if I have to go straight on the defensive because of the prejudices. Then why I go out as a Christian. Or that I do not notice that I am a Christian. I once attended a birthday where at one point the topic of conversation was abortion. The moment I wanted to say something about it, someone shut me up: "Yes, but Briene, you are Christian, then you think otherwise." How offended I felt then.
I have also heard people ask me: 'But you are a believer. Then you are anti-homosexuality, against the pill, alcohol and all that? ' I am starting to become more and more curious where these questions come from. If that is my counter question, I get little response. The moment it starts to frustrate me, I think about what I was like as a non-Christian. I had exactly the same ideas about Christians.
I want to turn those ideas around completely. If it is not yet clear to some, Christians are also people with their own personality. They can also go out, joke and shop. And I? I really enjoy doing that. And when going out I will still like to drink a beer. And to break through all prejudices, I am not against gays, I am not against the pill and not against abortion!