At night I am on the train from New Delhi to Patna, a town not far from Bodh Gaya, where the Buddha attained Awakening or Enlightenment. with New
I also left my hostel behind in Delhi and I don't know yet where I will sleep tonight. There is no security in this life, no comfort
zone ”to settle in for too long. Now of course I still have some money in my pocket, so that hotel will be fine.
However, for Buddhist monks and Indian ascetics in general, traveling is a special practice: you can never rely on old ones for long in your place.
habit patterns and thus you create space for transformation. In Buddhism there is therefore a special practice where one spends no more than three nights in the same place. Interestingly, the Buddha monks did not recommend this practice until they had been apprenticed to more experienced monks for five years. As a person you have created a certain basis and direction that still guides you across the border. Now that I'm safe in my hotel - not under a tree like the monks - I wonder again
how far do I really dare out of my "comfort zone" - and how far do you dare?