Already in December, the first preparations were made for the information evenings in February. All five projects (Stamnica, Nis, Trogir, Veliko Gradiste and Sarajevo) were presented in presentations on these evenings, all presented by former volunteers of the project concerned. The joint attendance of the three evenings by interested parties can be called a success, with a result of more than 70 registrations! Based on suitability in the group, motivation and experience, we have made a selection to divide the only 45 project places.
Now, two months later, each project has already completed two meetings. The main goal at the moment is to collect a nice amount to be able to take with you to Croatia, Bosnia or Serbia. Fundraising is partly done through donations directed to a specific project, but most of it comes from organized activities. The projects mainly do this separately from each other, but sometimes also work together on this, for example in the form of a drink this year.

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In between the fundraising campaigns, the Wij Helpen Daar activities committee organizes a monthly social activity so that the volunteers get to know each other better. The first activity this year was the introductory drink, including a pub quiz. A pub quiz is actually a quiz, where the questions are asked by a bartender or game leader, and the questions are answered in small groups. In addition to the usual Einstein round, where knowledge and facts were exposed, there were also rounds such as 'estimate yourself rich', 'guess the record' and 'cultural madness'. During the quiz the motivation and fanaticism to win grew. The winning group would receive delicious mini tompoezen. In the meantime, the second activity is already planned for the end of May, with hopefully the same number of visitors.
Want to know more?
Read the article 'We Help There: the way to happiness' in the April edition of the Hooglandse Nieuwe, information magazine of the Leiden Student Ekklesia. This contains the personal story of Jolanda Hus, volunteer and current board member.