The colorful time of student life is already behind me. Days filled with drinks, study groups and lectures had to prepare me for society. If there is one thing I have learned from this time, it is that you never have to and should never set that as a goal. You are not studying for your work and your social tasks. You are a student and are thus formed as a person.
Now looking back over the past seven years, I hesitate to answer the question posed 'What did you learn the most from during your student days'. Different images come through my mind: The many contacts I have made. The conversations lasted into the night, where almost no subject was skipped. The different study groups, within which books were devoured. Or was it just the lectures and workgroups that shaped me into the person I am today? This multitude of examples shows that student days offer the space to fill in your own life. You can develop in many different ways.
However, it has not been the specific activities or subjects that have been decisive in my development over the past seven years. Of course it is important to learn certain skills and to hone your analytical skills. It goes without saying that it is useful to gain organizational experience at the student association and to train in debating and discussion. But I don't get to the heart of my change with this. The point is that you are touched by what you are doing. I came into college life with a set of beliefs. My expectation was that I would learn more and thus better shape all that I already stood for at that time. Then I would really learn something. Fortunately, the expected growth in unambiguity has not taken place. Now I would rather say that I know less than I did before my college days. By taking everyone's opinion seriously, I became less convinced of my own clear-cut right. This does not mean that I have thrown my beliefs overboard, but that I can put things into perspective better and thus have a more open attitude towards life.
Have I finished learning now? Certainly not. Student life is a wonderful period in which a lot can be learned and in which a lot changes. Yet I do not feel that the vivid change is limited to this period. Every day and every meeting provides new insights. Maybe that's what I've learned from college life.