As of January 2016 I will join the team at Rapenburg 100. I will succeed Tobias Karsten, who will become a military spiritual counselor from February.Nikki van Houten
Partly I will work at the Hogeschool and for the other part I will organize activities at Rapenburg 100.
In 2010 I graduated as a pedagogue at the Hogeschool Utrecht, after which I continued studying at the University of Humanistics (Utrecht). In 2015 I obtained my Master's degree as a Humanistic Spiritual Counselor. I have also been practicing yoga intensively for years and followed various yoga training courses.
From a dynamic and humanistic approach I am open to the many ways in which life can be lived. Not a fixed truth, but the countless possibilities that existence offers us is what appeals to me. I also like to get people moving. Either by means of conversations about big and small life questions, training courses and workshops. Or literally; through yoga. Inspiration, new perspective, growth and development arise from movement. These are the things you will find at the LSE.
In addition to my work at the LSE and Hogeschool Leiden, I work as a spiritual counselor and coach in my own practice.
From January 2016 I have been active within the LSE. I look forward to the many inspiring conversations, encounters and activities that are to come!
Nikki van Houten