Rest and rhythm. That probably most characterizes life in a monastery.
The Norbertines have lived for centuries according to a fixed, daily routine: getting up, praying, eating, working or studying, praying, eating, working or studying, praying, eating and recreation. That is their daily routine.

As students (and recent graduates, PhD and young professionals) we are their guests for a weekend. We participate in this daily rhythm, have an interactive meeting with one of the sisters or fathers of the two communities, consider whether we can pick up something from this way of life. And in the evening we relax in our own cottage (of the Farm) next to the monastery.

FROM Friday evening 22 to Sunday afternoon November 24.
Accompanied by pastors Günther Sturm (Delft) and Walther Burgering (Leiden).

Costs: 65 euros per person, incl. 5 meals and overnight stay, excl. Travel costs.
Traveling together (by car) can be arranged after registration.

Registration is possible until the end of October (first come, first served) via student pastor Walter Burgering. More information about the events of this weekend can also be obtained from him.

In addition to the monastery weekend, a STOREY WEEKEND (non-religious) will soon be offered. More information can be obtained at Jeanette Baker