'Music sometimes fades into silence, you are confused as to whether there is a sequel, and then suddenly a burst of sound follows. Life bursts into it. As if it is spring. I'm looking forward to that. That the silence will turn out to be part of a larger piece of music. '

Easter 2020. The pandemic disrupts the daily rhythm and contact with friends, income and health are at stake. We may lose people we love. It affects us all, very differently.

A Hungarian student said during an online meetup: 'You have to use a crisis to get in touch with ourselves and with others.' A Chinese responded: "This may not make the world any better, but we have to work together." 'It inspires me to talk to each other online instead of flying far for it. It works! ”Said a German student.

I wrote the sentences about the confusing silence before the pandemic. It looks like we are in that now. The students tell as a group how we can deal with this with some wisdom. In the disruption you understand better who or what matters. People who make your life richer. Someone whose fate opens your heart. After that, the music doesn't sound the same anymore.

Rob van Worth