Dear everyone,

From April 1, I work as a student pastor / life coach with my colleagues Walther Burgering and Rob van Waarde at Rapenburg100.

As a student you are often in the middle of the hustle and bustle and stress of your study time. As a human being you often look for space to reflect on what is really important in your life, for your spirituality and you explore the deeper questions of your existence. These questions and needs also change over time and this dynamic of the student ministry always appeals to me.

I take autonomy and self-determination for the individual as the starting point of my work. That is why you can be with me who you are and independent of what goals or changes you want to go through / go through in your life. As a starting point I always take your qualities and your potential and together we work from your own worldview, your values ​​and your energy. I also appreciate your feedback and strive for flexibility and growth in my work.

As a student pastor / life coach I previously worked at The InnBetween student pastorate of Maastricht University and led several projects with and for students (including Refugee Project Maastricht). I now also work at the MoTiv student ministry of the TU Delft and as an independent teacher and trainer.
I graduated in Theology and Religious Studies from Radboud University and since the start of my studies in 1997, I have stayed in the beautiful and wooded Nijmegen where I now live with my husband and our one-year-old baby. I myself have Polish-Italian roots and I grew up in Warsaw, Poland.

I look forward to working with all students and colleagues from Hogeschool Leiden and Leiden University to go into beautiful and valuable projects in these changing times. And also later when we can resume our new 'normal' life.

Kind regards and hope to see you soon,

Claudia Saric