Looking back on my internship at the Student Chaplaincy Rapenburg100, I am still happy with the committed target group that your students are. During the activities and conversations I kept meeting motivated and lively smart young people. People who are looking for who they are and what they find important.

For example, I still remember the contact with Peter during our Auschwitz trip. An international student with children who came here because he could contribute to his community at home. Guiding his efforts and questions while making jokes during the trip was a beautiful and rewarding experience.

The board training courses also testified to your commitment and motivation. From Sib, Aegee to NSL, you all commit to being the board for a year. Doing that for your community and / or in the context of your own development is not easy. Nor do the questions that come with it. It was difficult at times and searching to help you look a layer deeper and further.

But then there were times when you came into contact with each other, saying things that had remained taciturn and moved towards each other. Opening those spaces for whatever it is about in a board year, at the level of your humanity and togetherness, is great work. The fact that I have been able to contribute to your values ​​and meaning through these types of activities makes me a grateful person.

Many thanks,
Patrick vanWageningen.