Together with the Access and Support Platform (ASP), Rob van Waarde will organize a session on 4 February about studying with a disability.

Do you have experience with studying at Leiden University when it comes to studying with a disability, chronic illness or psychological support? When we talk about studying with a disability, the conversation is mainly about the facilities and amenities that have been arranged. But we experience so much more.

During this session we want to have an open discussion about what studying with a disability means for you. Which bumps do you have to take and how do you deal with them? How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect this for you? By sharing our experiences, we create a common basis, so that we can build a stronger position for students with a disability.

Talk to your fellow students who also have a disability Thursday 4 February 2021 at 15.00 p.m. This session is organized with the Access and Support Platform (ASP), a network for students and employees with a disability. If we can do anything to facilitate your participation, please let us know via download the application form!

For more information about the ASP platform, click here!