Hardlygen for yourself and others gives energy!

The Wellness 10-day (Tuesday March 30 to Thursday April 8) is all about physical, spiritual, mental, social and emotional well-being and everything that contributes to good health.

Claudia Sarti is one of the organizers and also spiritual counsellor and life coach at our student counselor, among others. She talks about the 'why' behind this 10-day.

“Due to all the corona measures, life no longer fits the student's stage of life at the moment. Students should be able to enjoy studying and have a lot of social contact, but they have less or not that now. That is a great loss. We therefore want to organize activities that pay attention to well-being and where everyone can come together and do fun things. Get away from the grind and hectic. Away from the study pressure and planning, and the worries that accompany it. ”

Taking care of yourself and others gives energy

“We made a conscious decision to organize the 10-day Wellbeing around Easter, so that students have more time for rest. Even if you do not participate in the program as a student, you can use these days to do something else in the name of well-being. Maybe you are inspired by something that we offer in the program or you think a little longer about how you feel. Well-being also means that you see what is happening to someone else and that you also express any concerns you may have to others. Relationships are important. When I ask students what makes them happy, they often say: when I'm with my friends for a while. Taking care of yourself and others gives energy. ”

Be kind to yourself!

“My advice to students would be: pack all your study supplies in a big bag this Easter weekend and put it away. Let it all go for a moment. That one room is the place where you study, where your social life takes place, where you practice your hobby, where you sometimes even play sports… it is all in one and therefore it can sometimes be difficult to find peace. That is why it is so important that you really distance yourself once in a while and that you use that time to create moments for yourself. And finally: be kind to yourself! ”

On behalf of the Welfare 10-day team (Student Counselor, Marketing & Communication and Rapenbrug100), we cordially invite all students to participate and wish you a lot of fun during the 10-day.