The past year has forced us to make many organizational and social changes. This past year has however also made it possible to think in new ways about the spiritual well-being and development of students in Leiden. Many of you have contributed your thoughts and ideas to this topic.

And we were happy to listen to you. We want thank everyone who in the past year has felt involved with Rapenburg100 or wants to know more about it. And that's why we would like to invite you for drinks on the 22nd of June. You are welcome to join between 17:00 and 19:00. We hope to see you!

One of the consequences of our thinking is that Rapenburg100 intends to set up a student team next year. Students from already existing groups will work together to as a unit provide a better platform for Leiden students. Do you want to mean something in the field of sustainability, proud vulnerabilities, meeting meals or do you have your own idea in which you are interested? Then come along for a drink and we may invite you to the team building on the 26th. Would you like to call about this or sign up for the drink? Send an email to or contact Dardan (0636047940).