RAPENBURG100 offers management training in the field of cooperation, vision, motivation and dealing with conflicts. In addition, there is a modest product range of activities aimed at meeting, silence and deepening. The workers of RAPENBURG100 are also available for a confidential conversation

As a student, if you have an idea about designing a group activity, please introduce it to us and we are more than willing to support a new initiative where possible. 

Personal interview

Organizing your thoughts and feelings helps you make good choices. A conversation with one of the pastors or the counselor is an investment in yourself. Make an appointment with Rob of Claudia.


Inspiration Workshop Series

'Inspiration Workshop Series - Motivation and Learning'


How do you stay motivated during the corona period and make sure you tackle problems? This interactive online workshop helps you to learn from the circumstances. This is how you develop personal leadership. Sign up now by sending an email to  Rob


The Inspiration Workshop series 'Motivation and learning' consists of 3 online meetings, and starts again:


Series 1: 2, 9 and 16 February, time: 15 - 16:30 PM 

Series 2: 2, 9 and 16 March, time: 15 - 16:30 PM 

Series 3: March 30, April 6 and 13, time: 15 - 16:30 PM

Note: Registration is possible up to one day in advance.


Board training

Rapenburg 100 serves student welfare and personal development in Leiden. That is why we aim to support boards with training and advice.

With board training you give your board a good start to work together more easily and develop into an excellent team. With the help of your input, we can tailor the board training to specific wishes. Many boards preceded you.
This year is much different than usual. You make less physical contact with others, you can get together less. We would also like to think along with you at this time and look at what can be done.  

A training consists of half a day, costs 10 euros per person. Let us know what your wishes are and contact us Claudia@


Dealing with loss

When you have lost a loved one, it affects everything in your life. It can be good to give this space under expert guidance and to take steps in a group to make grief and loss manageable in daily life. Make an appointment for an exploratory meeting with Claudia.

Living with loss

Rapenburg 100 facilitates Living with Loss course twice a year in the fall and spring or when there are enough people seeking support. Studying can be hard when you lose a relative or friend, even if it happened already some time ago. It often feels good to talk with people who have similar experiences. Enjoy the talks, learn to live with your loss just a little bit better and allow yourself to be happy again or deal with your (mixed) feelings. Intake / information: claudia@



Morning mediation, a wonderful start to your day!
Online every Tuesday at 09:00 am. To participate, send an email to Claudia: claudia@ 

The morning is a pleasant time to start your day with meditation. You are then anyway nice and relaxed after a night's sleep. You then take a moment of silence, rest and relaxation for yourself and enjoy the positive effects that meditation brings for the rest of the day. At the end of this guided meditation, there is room to set your positive intention for that day or days to come.  
Come along to meditate!

Sunday evening meditation
Sharing silence, insights, support with other students. We'd be happy to get to know you. We do all sorts of meditations: insight, concentration, visualization, love-kindness. In addition, we organize special events on the side like jumping into a cold lake together. No experience or material is required to join the event. We have open nights every Sunday from 18:00 PM to 20:00 PM and Thursdays for regulars from 20:00 PM to 22:00 PM. 

To join, please email Dardan Bastiaan: 


Retreats / Retreats

Get out of the stress and pressure to literally catch your breath. Three times a year we offer a weekend away to create space for yourself and to produce anti-stress hormones. Depending on the interpretation, we go to the heath or to a monastery or a combination of both. The next weekend is planned for the spring of 2021, if you are interested by email claudia@


Faith Orientation

Faith and philosophy are about the basic life themes: trust, doing justice, living well and taking responsibility for yourself and others. In this series we do not approach the Judeo-Christian tradition as a norm, but as a direction and as a source that can challenge you to live freely. Themes and questions are highlighted from a social and cultural point of view and linked to Bible passages. Main goal: to get into conversation about life themes. Info and registration at Rob.


Eating together is food for the spirit

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