As Rapenburg100, we are happy to look at what we can do for you as a board. We have a diverse and extensive range for this:

#1: Board Training: a board year can be very demanding in terms of planning, communication and conflict resolution. So that you can have a great year together, Rapenburg100 offers intensive training for a compensation of 10 euros per board member.

#2: Guidance in crisis situations: During a board year, violent situations can suddenly arise, such as the death of a student or an abuse situation in the association. In that case, we can offer expert process guidance.

#3: Tailor-made workshops: We are open to cooperation for associations that want to do more about student welfare. In that case, we offer tailor-made workshops in areas such as performance pressure or student well-being.

For more information about Rapenburg100 and what we can do, send an email to