Festival 2030: Green Kitchen

Location: Rapenburg100 Time: 19:00 Cost: Donation On sunday the 19th Green Kitchen wil hold an event again! On the Saturday, they will collect leftover food from the market. On Sunday the food will be cooked and prepared into a vegan meal. The idea behind Green...

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Festival2030: Yoga with Kavi

September 25, 10-11 AM Bosman Forest €6 minimum donation Come flow with Kavi outside in nature for a gentle holistic yoga class suitable for all levels, bodies, ages. We will use breath and postures that feel good for you, to open your heart, shoulders and hips and...

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The past year has forced us to make many organizational and social changes. This past year has however also made it possible to think in new ways about the spiritual well-being and development of students in Leiden. Many of you have contributed your thoughts and ideas...

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Auschwitz Study Visit

Due to the corona virus it was not possible to visit Auschwitz during this study year. In November of the following year, however, we will pay visit to the destruction camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau. For four days, from the 19th of November until the 22nd, we will visit ...

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Living with Loss - Ongoing series

Meetings on Loss and Grief for international students If you lost a relative or a friend it is sometimes difficult to deal with feelings of grief and loss, whether it was recent or long ago. It might be helpful to talk with others in order to process these feelings ...

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The Wellness 10-day has begun!

Taking care of yourself and others energizes! The Wellness 10-day (Tuesday March 30 to Thursday April 8) is all about physical, spiritual, mental, social and emotional well-being and everything that contributes to good health. Claudia Sarti is one of the ...

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Eating together is food for the spirit

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