Living with loss

Meetings on Loss and Grief for international students If you lost a relative or a friend it is sometimes difficult to deal with feelings of grief and loss, whether it was recent or long ago. It might be helpful to talk with others in order to process these feelings ...

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The Wellness 10-day has begun!

Taking care of yourself and others energizes! The Wellness 10-day (Tuesday March 30 to Thursday April 8) is all about physical, spiritual, mental, social and emotional well-being and everything that contributes to good health. Claudia Sarti is one of the ...

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Auschwitz Study Visit

Please note that, due to corona, this visit has been postponed. It is still possible to send an email to let us know you are interested (see the bottom of this page) Human beings are capable of realizing enormous projects that have a positive and a negative impact on ...

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Rapenburg100 on film

See our promotional video above! It was created on the occasion of this year's El-Cid and OWL. Topics include Rob's board training, meditation, and life coaching. In addition to this also the exclusive images ...

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Sentence Seeking and Being

 Lively book about student chaplaincy published Walther Burgering left a beautiful work behind in his departure: Sentence Search and Being, 12 interviews about the importance of the work type of student chaplaincy. Sentence search and being is a representation of conversations with ...

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Eating together is food for the spirit

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