Patrick's internship completed

Looking back on my internship at the Student Chaplaincy Rapenburg100, I am still happy with the committed target group that your students are. During the activities and conversations I kept meeting motivated and lively smart young people. People who...

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Claudia introduces herself

Dear all, From April 1st I work as a student pastor / life coach with my colleagues Walther Burgering and Rob van Waarde at Rapenburg100. As a student, you are often in the middle of the hustle and bustle of your study time. As a person you often look for space to reflect on ...

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Walther Burgering is also leaving

Walther Burgering, who has been working as a student pastor at the Rapenburg 2015 student chaplaincy since the beginning of 100, will be leaving Leiden on 1 July 2020. After the announcement recently that humanist counselor Jeannette Bakker was leaving, a second team member is now leaving ...

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When the music stops - Easter 2020

'Music sometimes fades into silence, you are confused as to whether there is a sequel, and then suddenly a burst of sound follows. Life bursts into it. As if it were spring. I'm looking forward to that. That the silence will turn out to be part of a larger ...

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BLOG: Seas of time - inner confrontation

Dear readers, This is the last blog I am writing for Rapenburg100. My year here is over and I'm going to continue my journey elsewhere. For now, a final glimpse into how I view the current situation. The corona time. In addition to the well-known questions about illness and ...

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Claudia Sarti replaces Jeannette

With immediate effect, our former colleague (student chaplaincy Maastricht) Claudia Sarti can replace Jeannette as life coach at the Hogeschool Leiden and at Rapenburg 100. We are of course very pleased with that. Claudia, welcome! In the week of April 6 ...

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Eating together is food for the spirit

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