Dear reader,
I am writing this piece on behalf of the 'Wij Helpen Daar' foundation, an organization founded by students, which works for the less fortunate in former Yugoslavia. Although the armed conflict in this area has been over for some time, the situation is still far from ideal. There is still a lot of work to be done, especially in the field of social welfare. And we want to take care of that!
A number of projects are launched every summer, in which groups of students migrate to the Balkans to provide humanitarian and material support there. For example, we are organizing a project that tries to make the lives of mentally handicapped children in Stamnica (Serbia) a bit more pleasant and a project in Veliko Gradiste (Serbia) that tries to offer Roma children the attention and recreation they do not get at home. In addition, an elderly home in Trogir (Croatia) is visited and our volunteers go to a children's home in Nis (Serbia), where a wide variety of (street) children live with, among other things, physical and mental handicaps and trauma.
Besides the fact that we are mainly involved in our projects to help the Balkans, the Leiden Student Ekklesia in turn helps us by providing good meeting rooms and a place for information meetings. We are happy to make use of this!
Partly because of this article, we want to keep you informed of our activities and (hopefully) progress in return. This month we have our information evenings, on Monday 25 and Thursday 28 February. Are you interested in joining one of our projects this summer, or do you just like to see and hear what our foundation is doing? Then come to one of our information evenings, from 19.30, of course at Rapenburg 100!