Dear reader,
Again a lot of things have happened since the last blog of Wij Helpen Daar. After the composition of the project groups and the introduction (drink) everyone got to know each other. After this, the project groups have really started and are busy organizing activities to raise money for their project. They can partly decide how to spend this amount themselves, both in the Netherlands and on location. With regard to the activities, there will be tapas evenings, benefit concerts, sponsor drinks, and a lot of other fun things on the program in the near future. We have already had a pub crawl with all volunteers and that was very successful.
Furthermore, the board will participate in the so-called "Hero Race". This is a sponsor run of 6 kilometers, which they have been training for for a while. The purpose of this is to raise money for a summer camp in Nis (Serbia). The organization of this camp asked us for a contribution, and our aim is to raise a total of 2000 euros for them. If someone feels called to help us, or wants to view our profile purely out of interest, please visit! It is noticeable that all participants are very much looking forward to joining their project and that is nice to see. After all the activities and festivities, we can only look forward to summer; only then can everyone really get started!