SNUG (2)SNUFFEL EVENING. On Wednesday evening 14 September, the student chaplaincy team in the Rapenburg 100 building will present the attractive range of activities, workshops and training that it has in store for you in the coming months. From 19.30 pm, images and sound will tell you what you shouldn't miss in the coming season. In addition, you can already taste something yoga does with you, how a Taizé celebration looks like. New is the introduction to the workshop Business flirting (in 7 steps). Of course there is an opportunity to ask Rob, Niki and Walther questions about the quiet and monastery weekendshave-a-break meals and the workshops high sensitivity, meditation and all Other activities.
In addition to activities, the team of student pastors is there for you if you are one personal interview want to perform. On September 14 you can see Rob, Niki and Walther live to find out if they click with (one of) them. There is ample opportunity for one that evening meet and greet.
Welcome !