Borders and bridges
As student pastors we suspect that in the end a person cannot do without others and that in every person there is a deep desire to connect. We believe that you become a more complete person when you really come into contact with others (and yourself). That is why we want to work on a society in which people are connected with each other, in which there is - old-fashioned word - sense of community.
The national project 'Borders & Bridges' starts in January 2017 and aims to explore border areas together with students in various activities. In doing so, we immediately look at whether it is desirable and possible to build bridges and make connections. As groups, as individuals, within ourselves and with God / the Higher. RAPENBURG100 is considering participating in this.
The student ministry in the Netherlands has long been organized in cities with a university or college. Each place has its own history, accent and shape. Each city also has its own dependence on local (im) possibilities for the student ministry. But nowadays students no longer allow themselves to be locked up in cities, they have a wide view and opportunities to stay in various (university) cities.
And students are currently also under pressure. Study time is limited, student grants are burdensome and study pressure is high. Partly as a result of this, they increasingly encounter limits during their studies. Both on an individual and social, financial and social level… The number of students experiencing problems during their studies is increasing; the number of foreign students with loneliness problems as well. It is not without reason that the student ministry has been running loss-processing groups in various cities for years to assist students in the mourning they encounter. It is not without reason that meal groups are well attended to promote mutual contact and a good substantive conversation. It is not without reason that we try to increase the offer for internationals.
There seems to be a need for bonding and connection and students want to meet each other and be of support and inspiration for each other. Given the increases in scale in our society, it seems obvious to encourage students to look beyond their own (city) boundaries for recognizable and connecting encounters with others. But from a familiar place. RAPENBURG 100 could be.
Are you interested in contributing to 'Borders and Bridges'? After Christmas you can. Sign up to contribute ideas for the implementation of this national project in Leiden and help determine what it will look like in this region.