– Constanze Borchert –

Caring for something alive is often very strange.
I planted these tulips in the autumn when I moved to the Netherlands. At the time I wasn’t even 100% sure if I would be still in the country when they would bloom. Also I was not sure about so many things: would they survive the winter and frost in these pot, how much water would they need and what might be too much water?
The problem with these flowers of course is, that you only know if you treated them right, when they start to come out the earth in spring. Before you have to care in good faith that they do not rot in the earth you see.
Now that I can see some green, there is some hope, but no guaranty, for blooming tulips. But at least they are alive.
One can never be sure in and of life, but one can hope for, trust in and pray for it.