Studiereis Auschwitz

Studentenpastoraat LeidenAuschwitz is a horrifyingly dark page in the history of humanity. It was a sophisticated but extremely cold and calculated killing machine, a place where people were purposefully and systematically stripped of their humanity on an industrial scale. With atrocities still ongoing around the world, it demands our careful reflection.

What is our responsibility? And how can we meet it? We might start to think about it in terms of the ‘Eleventh Commandment’ formulated by R. Kent, chair of the International Auschwitz Committee: ‘You should never be a bystander’.

During our Auschwitz remembrance visit this year, we will discuss leadership and responsibility in humanitarian crises. Participants will write a reflection on our visit and share it with fellow students.


In the academic year of 2021-2022 we will have two visits. One will be from 19-22 november in 2021 and another will be in april 2022. The amount of participants is limited to 20. For the visit in November, late bird is possible until october 30th for €200. Three budget tickets are available for €175. Let us know if you want to apply for one. The trip is organized by Rapenburg100, Motiv Delft and Studentenpastoraat010. The tickets are CO2 compensated at Treesforall. For further information and registration, email