Student Activities

At Rapenburg100 there are many different student activities.
There are art exhibitions, board games, green kitchen, a book club, a poetry group, a meditation group, movie nights, and more!
They can be best found through our Follow our whatsapp events group to stay updated about the latest activities :).

Meditation eveningsmeditatie leiden

All are welcome at our meditation group. We do all sorts of meditations: insight, concentration, visualization, love-kindness. No experience, material or sign-up is required to join our evenings :). We come together on thursdays (18:00 – 19:15) and sundays (17:30 – 19:15).  We simply meet in front of the building until 18:03 or 17:33. 

To stay updated, join our meditation whatsapp or the general Rap100 events whatsapp: