RAPENBURG100 is meant to be a HOST for international students. Please feel free and welcome to visit us. Check it out: Christmas Dinner (International and Dutch students) at December 13th.  Would you like to have a personal conversation first, contact Walther of one of the other workers in the team.

Monthly we offer a POTLUCKdinner at Fridays, 18.30 hrs. Door is open from 17.30 hrs.
Wednesdays and Sundays there is a MEDITATIONgroup, 20.00 hrs.
Sundays, every two weeks: GREEN KITCHEN, eating together from the Market-leftovers
In autumn and spring we offer a course: dealing with a loss.
January 2020 we start with an OPEN CAFE (coffee, tea,drinks and chats) every Friday, 16.00-18.00 hrs.

Dedicated to helping you overcome obstacles, while compassionately guiding you through spiritual, emotional and physical challenges. Together, we will walk the path towards healing, discovering yo
ur full potential, and realizing your dreams.

WORKSHOP DECEMBER 8th @RAPENBURG100: How To Manifest Your Dreams…
A workshop to help create and maintain power over your life!

Do you have a dream? A dream about what your life ideally would look like? How would it be if you have a dream, and that you could plant that dream in your subconscious and you could actually manifest that dream in our life? Wouldn’t that be amazing and magical at the same time?
The Ancient Toltec and Mayans of Central America believed that everything we create in our lives, be it something we like or don’t like, something that works for us or not really, that we dreamed everything first. These dreams are present in our subconscious, and run our daily lives.

How To Manifest Your Dreams… is about working with your dreams in your awake and sleeping state. You learn how to access your subconscious through breathing patterns and eye techniques, and how to destroy old dreams and plant new dreams in your subconscious. These methods were successfully used by members of the ruling class (priests, warriors etc) of these Ancient Toltec and Mayans to help create and maintain power over their life. Join us for this life-changing workshop, and learn how to create the life that you are looking for. One dream at a time!

WORKSHOP DECEMBER 11th @RAPENBURG100: Quin: Yoga of the Mayans

This workshop is about the physical practice of the ancient Mayans that helps us dream our dreams. Since we dream everything first before manifesting it, consciously or subconsciously, it will help us create the kind of life we are looking for in our awake state. We will work with the 9 simple poses that are connected to Quetzalcoatl, the rising serpent, who represents the essence of the dream world. After a brief introduction about dreaming, and animal symbolism in dreams, we will learn this ceremonial practice and the accompanying breathing techniques.
This workshop is for all levels, and no prior experience with yoga is necessary.
More info: www.jacquesburgering.com

More information, first talks and registration: Walther Burgering.

Bring a little bit food to Rapenburg100, join the group and have a lovely evening with company, music and stories. Dutch and international students meet while having dinner in Christmas atmosphere. No costs. Just come and register.