Human beings are capable of realizing enormous projects that have a positive and a  negative impact on both humanity and the planet. Auschwitz was a sophisticated and extremely efficient machine, where people were purposefully and systematically stripped of their humanity. The logistics that allowed this mass murder were perfectly organized. The machine of Auschwitz was a great feat of technology while the production order was also one of the biggest tragedies in human history.

The purpose of our journey to Auschwitz is to experience this creative yet also destructive side of technology with which we humans are always interacting. This experience can be integrated in our livelihood to create awareness of threats and oppurtunities for the future.
Friday 31 january (flight to Krakow) – Monday februari 3, fternoon flight back to Amsterdam.
Costs: 175 p.p. Registration untill december 1, to guarantee this pricing

More information: Patrick of Walther.