Rob van Waarde is in the lead. Workshop starts again: Wednesday June 24th, 14.00 hrs.
This interactive online workshop teaches you how to learn from the pandemic and develop personal leadership
We all need a sense of where we are going in life, and what is our purpose. Normally we take this for granted, but the world in this Corona era has changed. Daily routines need to be refound, many dear ones are at a distance, and it may be difficult to keep our motivation. Much of our sense of orientation has become uncertain.’A crisis is disturbing, yet it can be productive as well. In this course we discuss useful philosophical insights for living through this period. You will learn about the different phases of a crisis, and how to be open to new perspectives. Letting go of old expectations allows us to find new motivations, which will be valuable long after the crisis.
Register before Wednesday June 10th, 12.00 hrs. via