Location: Rapenburg 100
Time: Tuesdays, 20:00-21:30
Cost: Free
Sign-up: not required

Spiritual practice can be part of our wellbeing, but often we struggle to take time for it in everyday life. The dreaming circle is a chance to come together to nurture your connection to something higher. Most of the dreaming circle will take place in silence. We begin with a drum journey (15-20 min) during which we ask the question: How I can I connect to something bigger than me at this point in my life?

After this, there will be time to integrate our experience (20-30 min). There is the chance to write, to draw, to meditate, to pray, or any other way that helps you be in touch with your spiritual side.

We then conclude the period of silence with a short (silent) prayer of gratitude for this time we had together. If any participants wish to share their experience, there is the chance to do so afterward. The evening may also be concluded in silence if no sharing takes place.

The dreaming circle will take place at Rapenburg 100 on Tuesday September 28th from 8pm-9:30pm. It will be held by Juri Hartmann, who is a Clinical Psychology Master student at Leiden University. He has guided a meditation group for 1,5 years, worked at a yoga-meditation silent retreat centre and has gone through a two-year shamanic practitioner training, being initiated deeper into healing through trance, making use of music, drumming and singing. He organizes cacao ceremonies and other ceremonies with plant medicine. He is interested in remembering the forgotten ways that increase our quality of life and aims to bring them into our awareness again.

Please bring pen and paper, and any other material for practicing spirituality (colors for drawing, cards for laying, a cushion etc.) you would like to have with you. For any questions, please contact Juri via email: juri.hartmann@gmail.com