Dreaming Circle

Spiritual practice can be part of our wellbeing, but often we struggle to take time for it in everyday life. During the dreaming circle, we use spiritual techniques to connect deeper with ourselves while being in community.

Each dreaming circle begins with a drum journey where we explore a question relevant to our wellbeing. Examples of questions are “how do I connect with others?” or “where am I hiding from love in my life?” The question we ask changes every dreaming circle. We open ourselves to insights from our unconscious during the drum journey, listening within.

Afterward, there is a period of silence (~20 min) that can be used for meditation, but also simply for being with yourself. In case the drum journey brought up interesting insights, you can also write them down now.

Following this, we sing together a few mantras (~20 min) to connect again with each other and the outside world.

There is space for sharing after these three parts. The combination of these techniques allows for a journey toward yourself initially, but later on emphasizes a sense of community.

Please bring pen and paper to the event, in case you want to write something down.

The dreaming circle is organized by Juri Hartmann, who is a Clinical Psychology Master student at Leiden University. He has guided a meditation group for 1,5 years, worked at a yoga-meditation silent retreat center and has gone through a two-year shamanic practitioner training. He currently undergoes a one-year tantra training, organizes cacao ceremonies and other ceremonies with plant medicine.